Sunday, September 06, 2009

Van Jones, we hardly knew 'ya

At a minute to midnight on Saturday the Obama Administration announces that Van Jones, the so-called Green Jobs Czar, had resigned amid controversy. The timing was such that it was not going to make a splash on the traditional Sunday morning political shows. Of course Jones claimed to have been the victim of a "vicious smear campaign". I'm not sure you can call bringing to light the things he actually said he believes in to be a vicious smear - sounds more like the truth to me.

Jones says he didn't come to this job to fight for himself, he came to "fight" for the people. Frankly that's a more tiring a cliche than athletes "giving 100%" or "playing one game at a time". Still, the larger question is really about the President's overall judgment bringing someone like this into his inner circle.

Van Jones is a known marxist sympathizer, a virulent anti-American propagandizer and has joined in the chorus of 9/11 "truthers". All of this could have been found doing a rudimentary Google search. As the guys over at pointed out it never really dawned on team Obama that these things might be viewed with suspicion or concern because these attitudes are not foreign them.

Glenn Beck - the resident semi-crazy conspiracy theorist at Fox News - pounded away at this guy which really turned up the heat. Beck took a lot of heat himself over this, but in the end the truth won out.

The thing is Van Jones is not unique among the people working for President Obama. They have a radical agenda for America - and they were not necessarily coy about it during the campaign. They cried "Change" endlessly for a year. I think the American people were not sure what they were getting. I suspect the voting public wanted something other than George W. Bush - not something other than America.

Maybe, just maybe the electorate is seeing the light.