Sunday, May 30, 2010

Europe May be Dying, but not Socialism

I keep hearing that the Euro, the currency of a dozen or more European countries is living on borrowed time. Many analysts are intimating that the European Union itself could collapse. They claim the message is clear: the welfare state is unsustainable. Well no kidding. You know it, I know it and the American people know it. But don't think that means they don't want a welfare state right here.

The demise of the European cradle to grave welfare system doesn't mean that socialism is wrong according to a huge number of everyday Americans. Burned by the excesses of a few poorly regulated mega corporations and their own out of control medical costs many Americans are convinced that a not-for-profit government controlled world is not only fair it's righteous.

I started off talking about Europe, but I'm afraid Europe is a lost cause. They may indeed welcome the end of the Euro and even the disintegration of the European Union, but not the welfare state, don't even think of taking away their "free" government benefits.

America still has a chance. We need leaders who will drag us away from government domination of the economy and allow the entrepreneurial, profit making spirit to whisk us away from bailouts and dependency. We have seen the inevitable result of the socialist model again and again - why are we running head long into the same fire? There's no sane reason to follow Europe to hell...