Saturday, May 22, 2010

Meet Doc Zero

I'm adding a new site to my "blog roll". I found Doc Zero over on like so many others have. Not content to wait for one of his profound and well considered essays to pop up on HotAir's must reads I have been visiting his site directly for some time. He's just too good not to share.

Years ago I read a Sci Fi series by Orson Scott Card that became known as the Ender Series. Much of this series was written long before the Internet was a household word. Card depicted a world wide network that closely resembled what we call the world wide web today. One of the main characters wrote editorials under a pseudonym much like what we call blogs today. His blogs were so well presented and so widely read that they sparked debate from the water cooler to the halls of national governments. Long story short, when I first started reading Doctor Zero's blogs I could help but think of one of Orson Scott Card's main characters. Doc Zero should be required reading.

Have at it!