Friday, May 21, 2010

Who Do You Love?

I think, or I should say, I know I have said this before on these pages, but I don't think I can dislike President Obama any more. I'm pretty sure he does not like The United States of America, I know he has no love for for this great country. ( see how he respects our National Anthem)

The latest slap in the face Americans are forced to endure is our President standing by and allowing a corrupt little man from Mexico besmirch OUR LAWS and scold the law makers of one of our great states - namely Arizona. -READ - In joint press conference, Calderon calls Arizona law 'discriminatory'; Obama says it's 'misdirected'

Obviously President Obama doesn't believe in border security or the current Federal laws regarding illegal immigration, but as the chief executive of the land it is his job to uphold those laws - whether he likes them or not. Why was Arizona compelled to act the way it did? Because the Federal government is not doing the job, and it's clear they have no intention of doing it. The new Arizona laws merley empowers local and state agents of law enforcement to uphold current Federal law, no more no less.

The whole illegal immigration problem is far more complicated than just round 'em up and deport them all, but protecting the border and public safety is not complicated. That is all the new Arizona law sets out to do.

To see that pompous ass makes jokes about it at the Annual White House Corespondents Dinner a few weeks back made me ill. Does he think it's funny? The literal invasion of our country is funny? What is wrong with him?

There are serious and sticky issues about what to do about the problem, but controlling the southern border should not be in question. There are thousands of children and young adults who were brought to America by their parents by no choice of their own. The live in limbo having only known America and yet can't be Americans - they are not truly Mexicans either. These are real problems and they are not funny - they are tragic.

I can't wait to cast my vote against President Obama and his cohorts.