Saturday, July 23, 2011

But can he (she) win?

Going into the political season, which by the way starts earlier and earlier each cycle, the field of candidates to challenge President Obama is setting up nicely. Personally I will enthusiastically support any one of them to replace Obama. I honestly don't see how anyone can look at Obama's record and the direction the country is heading and be happy about it. Looking out on the horizon who can see good times ahead?

The truth is America needs to be unleashed economically. Obama and his ilk are restraining the economic engine of the most dynamic country the world has ever seen - and to what end? Someone please answer that.

In my view and the view of many, many others Obama and the "government is the answer" crowd has got to go or this country is going to be ruined. Government should be a facilitator not a dictator.

The Republican field of candidates has two things against them from the get go, and neither of them trivial. One is the power of incumbency and the other is the fawning, adoring media that will not turn on Obama even when this disaster of a presidency is so evident. Each candidate will have to endure a blistering attack from the media while knowing that not one aspect of Obama's shortcomings will even be discussed. Unfortunately the media has already unjustifiably poisoned some of these fine people in manner never seen before.

When each of these candidates is examined against the reality of the pounding they'll get from the media the question "but can he (she) win," becomes paramount. The greatest conservative darling in the world does no good if he or she can't win.

Let's take a look:

Newt Gingrich - no
Too much baggage, conservatives respect him but realize he is damaged and most of it by his own hand.

Herman Cain - maybe
Not well known, but is a marvelous speaker and has excellent business and economic instincts. Very light on foreign affairs. He would need to be more specific in his speeches and debates to balance his beautiful rhetoric.

Michele Bachmann - no
Frankly she's not ready for this. Her Christian morality play will be pummeled and some of her old mis-steps will bury her. While I like her and am impressed by her personal story I find her the weakest of all the candidates when the campaign gets to the major leagues.

Jon Huntsman - maybe
He's not even as well known as Cain. In media circles he is well known and is often said to be the Republican that liberals like. That's low praise in conservative circles. He does not win any points for being President Obama's ambassador to China either. He was a popular governor of a small western state which doesn't help. I don't think he can get the nomination. If he did could he possibly beat Obama, maybe...

Tim Pawlenty - yes
If he wins the nomination that is. Pawlently's problem is two-fold; a mis-interpretation of his personality and Michele Bachmann. Bachmann sucks the oxygen out of the room. He's actually a first rate executive and as wonky as he need be, he absolutely could go toe to toe with Obama. He will not be given the chance unless something breaks his way early.

Mitt Romney - yes
Romney could beat Obama, of that I am certain, but it will be without enthusiastic support from the conservative base. There are many conservatives who will stay home rather than vote for him. He is another John McCain in their eyes. While his business credentials are a major plus as well as his reputation for turning around failing enterprises his support is wobbly in the party and especially with conservatives.

Sarah Palin - ???
Palin is a big question mark. She should be given points for withstanding an onslaught never before seen in American politics. She doesn't deserve (no one does) the vile hatred she has endured for nothing more than being nominated for the vice Presidential post in 2008. Nothing she'd done justified the ridicule and scrutiny she endured and continues to endure. The media has purposely fomented a kind of hatred toward one person that hasn't been seen since Adolph Hitler. I would vote for her in a second just out of respect for the strength she's shown. But can she beat Obama? If she even got close you and I know what she's seen so far would be paddy cakes.

Rick Perry - yes
Though undeclared as a candidate Perry may be the strongest of them all. The media has so little to attack him on. The angle they will take is that both he and George W. Bush are Texan's. That association is the biggest stick they have against him. Unfortunately it would be willow stick. Bush and Perry are not tight, there is no real association. Perry has been a very successful governor of a pretty successful state. Texas has done almost exactly the opposite of what Obama has prescribed for America and Texas prospers and grows, America - not so much. I like what I see with Rick Perry

Ron Paul - no
Ron Paul is an enigma. So much of what he says is right on. He seems to look right through political rhetoric and gets to it's common sense essence. But his manner and demeanor is strange and uninspiring. He would not fair well in a debate with Obama. He would not inspire confidence. Unfortunately for Paul, people like to be bamboozled, they like to believe that those in authority known things we don't and that's why they do crazy, nonsensical things. Paul Paul is too sane. What a sad commentary on American politics. He cannot win.

Obama is beatable - and he has to be defeated before the country (perhaps the world) collapses economically, but the Republicans have to put up someone who can win.