Friday, July 15, 2011

Doing my part

The economy is still in the tank, no news there. I remember way back in the early 80's America faced similar economic doldrums. Reagan was elected President in 1980 and after a few years things started to pick up. They started calling it the Reagan Revolution. It wasn't that the economy was great by 1983-84, but it was because the mood, the outlook and the prospects looked so much better than they had just a few years earlier.

I was married in '83 and we bought a house in October of that year. We spent money like crazy back then. We needed everything. We used to joke that we were the Reagan Revolution! Well I'm here to say this year I'm doing my part to jumpstart this morbid economy despite all the evidence that I'm spitting in the wind.

This year alone I bought a new refrigerator, a new lawnmower, a new dehumidifier, a new gas grill, 2 new cell phones, a new 18-speed bike, building materials for deck project, paid thousand$ in medical bills and I'm sure much, much more. I will need a new car soon as well.

So, I am doing my part to create an Obama Revolution. I just wish he would.