Saturday, July 09, 2011

A gun to the head...

I don't want to turn this forum, meager as it may be, into a routine tirade against President Obama, but this latest one can't go unnoticed.

During the aftermath of the Tuscon shootings last winter where Rep. Gabrielle Gifford was severely injured by a crazed gunman we were all treated to an excoriation of Sarah"gun toting"Palin and all conservative talkers. We were to understand that it was incendiary violent language that had caused marginally sane people to go on shooting rampages. The debate that followed became all about Sarah Palin who had absolutely nothing to do with any of it.

Palin had "targeted" Gifford's re-election race as winnable for the Republicans and therefore she and she alone was responsible for this tragedy. We all know that war analogy's are rarely ever used in political campaigns (pun intended).

When I was listening to coverage of President Obama's electronic town hall and heard him utter the phrase - - "the debt ceiling should not be used as a gun against the heads of Americans to retain breaks for corporate jet owners or oil and gas companies"- - I was a little stunned.

The imagery was simple - Republicans were threatening to put a bullet in the head of Americans by not capitulating to Obama. A rather violent picture.

So I waited for the storm of outrage over a politician using such violent and incendiary language. Crickets. Doing a Google search - maybe it was Bing- I found a few odd mentions and no outrage at all. Here and here.

Yeah, you're not going hear any feigned outrage. Why didn't the conservative punditry make hay with this? Because it would be stupid, disingenuous tripe. I mention it only to prove that the media in general, so bent on destroying Sarah Palin was unrestrained and gleeful to have such a grenade to throw at her. Calling out Mr. Obama would be counterproductive to their goals.

So here goes: Shame on you President Obama, I'm outraged that you would use such violent and incendiary imagery.



TJW said...

Boy, you really unloaded on him...oops! Ah... way to give him both barrels...Darn it! You really know how to pull the trigger...Aw shucks I give up! Falling into using violent and incendiary imagery just seems to come naturally to some folks, I guess...