Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is Calfornia lost? In a word, yes

Once the envy of America, perhaps the envy of the world California had everything. Every passing year the Golden State dies a little more. It's sad and tragic, for no other state in America has the abundance, beauty and climate California has. Soon California will be bankrupt, correction, they are already bankrupt amassing a 16 billion dollar annual deficit while facing $500 billion in unfunded liabilities. There is no rescue in sight and it's hard to imagine the Federal government bailing the state out without huge concessions.

For decades now, state legislatures (and the citizens who support them) have ignored rational calls for fiscal responsibility. Corporations large and small are relocating. The so-called rich forced to pay higher and higher taxes have been voting with their feet too. There won't be enough wealthy corporations or wealthy individuals left to pay the ever increasing tax rates. Yet the electorate keeps voting in the same ultra liberal Democrats who gleefully promise to stick it to the rich. How soon will a bankrupt state run out of coerced money from nonexistent taxpayers? What we have a bankrupt state, dominated by Democrats where Democratic legislators keep their number one constituents fat and happy - the public unions - and the non-taxpaying citizens are promised the world.

The "Golden State" has become the "Welfare State". Perversely a recent study showed that $69 million in welfare cash is being spent in Vegas casinos, cruise ships and Hawaii every year. Yet, any talk of cuts in benefits for the so-called poor or from bloated pension plans is met with derision and smears. Don't even bring up benefits for illegal immigrants...

Here's the rub - the national Democratic Party favors the exact policies California has enacted over the past 30 years. Somehow we are to believe things will turn out differently for the rest of America.

It might be instructive to read what some distraught Californian's have to say in response to a recent article about the state they love...

California is done.  Lived here for 20 years and have watched the hand-out politicians being elected and reelected by a touchy, feely public who steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the reality of their decisions. Even if Moonbeam's reforms pass, it will only close about half of the deficit. Businesses are exiting in droves and high income earners who can are moving out of state. Yet, Democrats hold every state wide office.  It's like watching someone who is killing themselves with drugs refuse to stop. Decisions have consequences: 3 - 5 years, tops, California declares bankruptcy and all the pensions are gone.

Been in CA since '73 and in a few short years the liberal policies of obviously "socialist leaning" Democrats has ruined the state. America, LOOK to CA and your future is there for the reading. Continue to allow small groups of union management to knife the rest of society in the back, continue to elect "entitlement" minded politicians, continue to allow education to applaud the decline of our Constitutional Democracy and to "unionize" small minds with "free lunch" ideology; continue to eat away at the foundations of America's ideals and the whole of the United States will look like California.

Agreed!  If I have any sort of "cultural identity" at all, it is that I am a Californian, and it is utterly heartbreaking to see the most beautiful place on the planet destroyed by feel-good, mindless twits who would vote for a monkey if it had a (D) behind its name.  Could it be more obvious?  California.  Illinois.  Michigan.  New York.  Democratic governance results in dysfunction and bankruptcy.  Idiots, and the tribalism of party politics are dooming our state.

And finally, and fittingly,

I was raised in CA, during which time Ronald Reagan was governor.  He gave CA the first budget surplus since WWII.  CA had the best schools in the nation - or the world for that matter.  The food production in the Central Valley was the envy of even the bread basket states of our nation.  The climate and beauty of the state was matched only by it's innovation, production, and growth.  People from all over the country and the world flocked to CA to take advantage of the incredible opportunities there.  It was a wonderful, magical place.  But then the Democrats took over.  The radical liberal hippies who used to haunt Haight Ashbury somehow got themselves elected or ensconced in the education system and law profession.  Their poisonous ideology soon permeated, and I, too, fled the state as the taxation mounted and the regulations increased.  From my new home in Texas, I watched my home state further decline into the morass of liberalism that can only lead to destruction.  I watched from afar in hopes that sanity would be restored and I could some day return to the place I loved so much.  But it was not to be.  I'm 60 now.  That was a long time ago.  My heart hurts as I realize that there is no salvation there.  I return occasionally to visit loved ones.  I no longer recognize it.  It looks like a 3rd world country there.  My heart is broken.

All of our hearts should be broken. There's nothing I would love more than to dream of retiring in California. We can still visit California, for now, and enjoy the weather and the beauty, but California Dreamin' is becoming more of nightmare, and that's extremely sad. 



The Crow said...

The trouble with areas of outstanding beauty and benevolent climate is the moth-to-flame attraction to all the useless weirdos and louts.
We have the same scenario on the southwestern British Columbia coast. It's wall to wall left-wingers, turning the place into Neurotica. Indeed, if you had never known the rest of Canada, you would imagine it was a communist state. As it is, you can actually vote for the Marxist-Leninists.
Anyone in touch with reality, and with a view to maintaining that touch, had better get used to what's left of the frozen north.

Mr. StaticNoise said...

Such a sad state (or province) of affairs, pardon the pun. The lay-abouts are so ruinous to a society and for some reason they are not only tolerated but even celebrated as witness these preposterous Occupy movements. They want all the fruits of decent society but want it all for doing nothing, merely breathing... The rest of us had better just shut up and pay for it - or be called every name in the book.