Monday, June 18, 2012

The Middle Class: The True Wild Card

The middle class must be destroyed

Have you heard about the report released last week showing the American middle class has lost 39% of it's wealth over the past few years. In other words we have been transported back in time to 1992 wealth wise. That's just the fact. While it seems incomprehensible, it has happened, and it seems almost as if it was planned...

The powers that be, if you are into grand global conspiracy theories, came to realize 30 or 40 years ago that the middle class in the Western world had to be destroyed. Particularly the American middle class. Considering where we are right now, our place and time in history, it's literally the only thing that makes sense.

Why else would the powers that be continue to suppress the modern global economy, bottle-up the true potential of America, Canada, Australia and Western  Europe? In the past 30 years we've seen technology explode and thereby shrinking the world in the process, making nearly everything more efficient and productive. There is no need or reason for poverty, illiteracy or hopelessness anymore, all of it could be stamped out here in the 21st century. Yet it won't be. Billions will continue to live in poverty without the hope of ever seeing and end to it. Why? Simple enough, the poor and desperate can be controlled. So now you see the problem of the middle class.

The middle class was a powerful force, an unpredictable force for those who want to control things. The main problem with an economically powerful and rising middle class is the "cat herding phenomenon". They just continue to do what they want because they frustratingly act in their own self-interest. When they are so flush with money you can't get these people to stop building their far flung suburbs and driving their SUV's so you can force them into your cute choo choo trains in the city

The problem for the controllers, the mega business/government conglomerate, was devising a way to carefully, cleverly separate the middle class from their wealth without necessarily fomenting a revolution. Revolutions are even more unpredictable, messy and sometimes bloody too.

Can you imagine the brainstorming session that must have been...

"We can destroy their jobs, move whole industries to slave labor in China..." Cue head nodding.
"We can encourage them to become investors in equities, we'll even match them dollar for dollar, promise a rosy retirement (while they shovel their money into our pockets) and then pull the rug out from under them - over and over." Cue uproarious laughter.
"We can get them to sink all their money into the "American Dream" of home ownership, enticing them with cheap money and a promise of ever rising home values. Encourage them to use their homes as ATM machines, run up their personal debt into the stratosphere then we'll bring it all down like a house of cards." Cue high fives all around.
"We'll dumb down the schools, but require a college education to get a decent job thereby separating parents from their money or saddling the kids with a mountains of debt and then hope they don't realize we were lying about the jobs anyway." Cue thumbs up, winks and nods.

Until recently the industrious middle class and hungry young entrepreneurs kept reinventing reality and climbing out of the hole the corrupt government and big business had dug. I fear this is coming to an end. Europe is on the brink right now. America is not far behind. Canada and Australia won't fare well when the big economies collapse. Even Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs) will suffer immensely.

The horrifying thing is that the human suffering will be unfathomable when the collapse happens. The collapse will be precipitated by the middle class finally succumbing to the fiscal and financial corruption of the proverbial powers that be.

I ask again and again. To what end? Who would benefit by a global systemic economic collapse. It all seems so insane when we as the human race have it within our power to make hunger and poverty go away. We need only to unleash the shackles holding the economy back. But then, maybe the powers that be want the sort of cleansing that will come about with a massive die off of human life.

I find the idea of this cynical and frankly sickening.

What if the middle class doesn't succumb? What if we tighten our belts and start demanding our governments right this ship. What if we recognize the liars among the populists and the patriots who say one thing (anything) to get elected and then fall into the corruption they promised to fight against. What if for once we have a politicians and powerful business leaders who desire to do the right thing for the country, for humanity instead of the singular focus of feathering their own nests while the mighty oak tree withers and dies underneath them? Well... One can dream.