Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We Have Lost, So it's Welcome to Meximerica

He does whatever he wants...

President Obama is above the law. He can decide which laws he likes and which laws he doesn't and with the executive privileges afforded him by the constitution he rides herd over timid and/or paralyzed Congress and does what he wants.

He wanted to take over the school loan program and so he did, no discussion, no debate and certainly no legislation. Last week he decided he didn't like the way the "Dream Act" voting turned out in Congress so he declared that he is just not going to enforce the immigration laws that now exist. Of course it was an election year ploy to bolster the Hispanic vote in his favor. Nonetheless, he did what he wanted regardless of what the law says.

Everything with this guy is partisan and political, everything. He is by far the most divisive politician this country has ever seen. He never engages with Congress, not even with his own party. He spouts shibboleths and propaganda and the adoring media just carries the water. If one of them steps out of line they get booted or at least ostracized until they crawl back into fold with unending hymns of praise. Right Mark Halprin?

Obama isn't at all serious about solving this country's problems only forwarding his radical ideological agenda. Congress has twice rejected his budgets with zero votes in his favor  -   that's zero Republicans and zero Democrats. He simply isn't serious about being a leader. He convinces no one with his sophomoric rhetoric and then just declares what will be so. Congress and the media just roll over  -  and we will see in November whether the "people"roll over too.

Yesterday the Supreme Court upheld the key element of the Arizona immigration enforcement law. Namely they affirmed the provision that local law enforcement CAN try to determine citizenship status when investigating possible crimes. They threw out 3 other aspects of the Arizona law, but the immigration status issue was one that got the lawsuit all started.Obama wins 3 to 1 right? Miffed that he didn't get all he wanted what do you suppose the imperialist did? The petulant brat immediately ordered ICE and the Justice Dept. to sever all ties with Arizona law enforcement. In other words when Arizona has illegal aliens to turn over to ICE the phone won't be answered.

President Obama just does whatever he wants, damn the constitution. No one in Congress really challenges him. The Republicans are a joke, they are clearly on the right side of this debate and they just roll over and play dead because they are so afraid of offending Hispanics. It's just sad. Have some guts you pansies!

With this ruling the Supreme Court essentially said immigration is in the Federal government's corner - which is absolutely true. The constitution gives the Federal government the DUTY to safeguard our country from foreign invaders, but Obama is blithely shirking this duty and inviting invasion. This should be a crime, hell, it is a crime.

No one I know, and not one Republican or conservative is "against" immigration, but most of us are against illegal immigration. President Obama spits on all who obey the law and follow the rules to get into this country.

Welcome to Meximerica.