Monday, October 11, 2004

Democracy In Action - Afghanistan and Australia

But I don't hear the democrats cheering...

It's amazing to witness this thing called democracy in action. With a sense of excitement and a deep desire to participate in something historic some voters walked for miles to get to the polling place. Some dressed in their best clothes while braving potential attacks by the terrorists in their midst. Yes, indeed, it was a big day... Oh, I'll bet you think I'm talking about the election that took place in Afghanistan this past weekend? Actually, I'm talking about the elections that took place over a decade ago in a country called Nicaragua. I say this is to illustrate a point that will be lost on the Bush haters. The point is, back in the 1980's the very same people who called Ronald Reagan all the nasty things they now call George W. Bush opposed every effort America made to run the communists out and usher in free elections. In fact, it was John Kerry and his soul mate, Ted Kennedy among others who stood in the way of democracy coming to Central America. The elections were first of many that finds us in a place where now democracy rules in Central America and communism is nowhere to be found. And what if John Kerry had his way back then?

Central America is an American success story, a Reagan success story. He believed in opposing communism every where it reared its ugly head. The truly amazing thing that happened after those elections was how the leftists gave up and for all intents and purposes, the war was over. The overwhelming turn out and the enthusiasm of the voters knocked the wind out of the communists. This past weekend, in war torn Afghanistan we saw exactly the same thing. The future for Afghanistan got so much brighter in just one day - one magical day. Maybe this is the silver lining in the tragic attacks of September the 11th. Think about how amazing it is for a country that has been battered around for the better part of five thousand years to have chosen its government for the first time ever. Afghanistan may not have"turned the corner" yet, but the wheels are cranking. Bully for them.

In an another amazing turn of events, the stalwart Bush ally Australian Prime Minister John Howard has won a historic fourth term. There were those who thought his close association with President Bush and his support for the Iraq war of liberation was going to be the nail that sealed his political coffin. Australia and Great Britain are surely two of America's closest allies and we are so very grateful to them.

Elections are set for January in Iraq and come hell or high water it is imperative they take place on schedule. Nothing will deflate the old Baathists and the foreign terrorists like a gleeful electorate. Eventually peace will come to a free Iraq and peace starts with free elections. Like I said come hell or John Kerry the Iraqi elections must take place!