Thursday, October 28, 2004

Will the Curse be Lifted?

The World Should be so Lucky...

When I heard the news my heart jumped. Could it be possible? Will the curse be lifted? The Red Sox you say? No, Arafat on his death bed!

It's being reported that master terrorist and all around evil guy, Yasser Arafat is very, very ill and I couldn't be more tickled. Now, I have always been taught to have compassion for those who suffer. Honestly, does that apply to Satan's right hand man? This miserable excuse for a human being doesn't deserve and will not receive even an ounce of compassion from me.

One only has to follow the bouncing Arafat to witness the path of destruction and mayhem this vile creature has visited on this Earth. From Egypt to Jordan to Lebanon to the West Bank and to Gaza there is a trail of blood and misery that ends at his doorstep. The real tragedy is that during the late '80s Arafat was marginalized and living in exile. There was relative peace, and the Palestinians living in and around Israel saw their plight improve greatly. That was before President Clinton brought Arafat out of exile plopped him down in the Gaza strip, gave him money and weapons (and a farcical Nobel Peace Prize). The Palestinians and the Israelis have suffered ever since. Nice going, President Clinton.

Join me in prayer that the world will finally be rid of this beast. Amen