Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Osama, Osama where for art thou, Osama?

Proof of Life is Not that Difficult

After listening to John Kerry repeat his ridiculous charge that George W Bush "outsourced" the capture of Osama bin Laden to Afghan warlords I've been thinking about the bearded one and his disposition. Personally, I think he's dead. Just stop to think about it, proof of life is not that difficult. A photogragher and a daily newspaper is all one needs to show proof of life. Yet since December of 2001 we have not seen hide nor hair of Mr. bin Laden. Prior to that he seemed to have no problem with video cameras or photographers. There are hours of video tape and hundreds of photos of Osama - but none since 2001.

Now, if he is dead, buried under tons of rubble in Tora Bora, or killed in any number of ways by special forces and having assumed room temperature, why wouldn't the Bush Administration be holding it up as a trump card against the naysayers? Perhaps the President and his advisors are wise beyond their desire to score political points. What would it serve to create a martyr out of him? A body would bring instant martyrdom. A captured bin Laden and a trial would only rally a world full of virgin seekers to a massive call to arms. But a master terrorist that is missing in action creates nothing but speculation.

There have been a number of tapes reportedly of bin Laden's voice submitted to arab news agencies and eventually to CIA types who have proclaimed that the voice is likely to be bin Laden. This is not proof of life and besides, the CIA, like any good spy agency, uses misinformation as a weapon.

In all honesty, I hope we never know what has happened to Osama. The mystery serves America and the civilized world far better than knowing one way or another where he is. Only the worms know for sure.