Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I just want to scream.

Ever since the 2006 elections when the Democrats re-took both houses of Congress (the Senate by the slightest of margins) we have been hearing the cry for bipartisanship. What a crock of shit (excuse the language, please).

To hear Sister Hillary say that she wants to work on fixing Social Security as if it is her big idea. It was Hillary and the rest of the Democratic party that behaved like spoiled children lying on the ground and kicking their feet at the very idea of even looking at Social Security reform. Well, that's because it was Bush - the first President with the guts to even put it on the table - that was ringing the alarm bells about the trouble the program is facing.

The Democrats to the Republicans: Now that we OWN the ball we expect you to play nice. Never mind that we ran around with our hands over our ears yelling we can't hear you for six years.

Republicans to Democrats: Uh, yep. yep. Which way did he go, which way did he go. Can we play with the cute little bunny rabbits, can we George, can we?

I used to think the Republicans were a serious party. When Newt brought them to power in '94 the promise was so great to stem the tide of creeping socialism. They have stumbled and bumbled since the beginning. President Bush, whom I have supported on many issues, is the worst stumbler of them all. It seems to me on the issues pushed through by those "right of center" that fell right in line with a free market/capitalistic society were not only ideologically right they also worked! Welfare reform, budgetary reform, tax cuts to name just a few proved that we didn't have to tow the socialist line forever...

Is the Republican's turn to lay on the ground kicking and screaming and refusing to play? Probably, but they won't do it.

I just want to scream.