Monday, January 15, 2007

Hold My Nose and Vote

Earlier this week I heard the governor of my state on Bill Bennet's "Morning in America" radio show announce that he was the co-chair of John McCain's Presidential run. While I like Tim Pawlenty quite a bit - having voted for him twice - I am not a big fan of John McCain.

McCain or McVain if you will, is a media whore. He may well be a conservative in many respects, his voting record bears that out but in his self-assigned role a Virtue in Chief he has alienated most of the conservative base of the Republican party - far more than even George W. Bush. In his overwhelming need to be loved by the liberals who control the access to the major news cycles he has run roughshod over any and all conservatives in his way. The ironic thing is as soon as he gains any traction as the Republican standard bearer his "friends" in the MSM will turn on him with the same viciousness they now reserve for President Bush. (The left wing blogosphere already has.)

It is his sponsorship and dedication to so-called campaign finance reform that is the most damaging thing he has done to himself and to this country. On its face campaign finance reform was a worthy project, but not the turd McCain-Feingold produced. I say let spigots run as long as every candidate is bound by full and immediate disclosure.

What McCain-Feingold has unleashed on America was the 527 organizations. A 527 group is a private, tax-exempt political organization set up under Section 527 of the U.S. tax code. These groups have been in existance for years. They became major players in American politics in 2004. McCain-Feingold shut the door on unlimited contributions also known as soft money to political parties, and now many of the big-dollar donations began flowing to 527 groups instead.

Where's the harm you say? Doesn't this actually hurt the Democrats more than the Republicans? Yes, in fact it does - that's the harm. Despite what you you think of the right-wing in America we do desire to have 2 solid and relevant political parties. We need a ying and a yang, one to balance the other, one to keep the other honest. What this did was destroy the traditional way the the Democratic Party got donations and replaced it with George Soros.

When George Soros's gave $12 million to independent political outfits that sought to defeat President Bush he began the financial take over of the Democratic party. In 2006 he won it all and by 2008 he may get the Presidency to boot. Soros and his ilk with willing accomplices in the media doing all they can to scandalize anything Republican/Conservative/Christian will be deciding who runs this country.

If you read up on Soros you will learn that he was in part one of the subversive entities that was instrumental in the destruction of the Soviet Union. Well, then isn't he a hero? Not exactly. His tactics were to destroy the foundations of society through the decimation of Christianity and the use of abortion. He is a major funding agent in countless organizations that promote abortion in all the former Soviet states, client states and now all of Europe. He has brought his crusade (pun intended) to America.

Where does McCain fit into all of this? In my book he has to explain his association with Soros - and there are plenty of reasons to be suspicious. Only when Soros and his minions go after McCain with the gusto they have attacked Bush will I start to be comfortable with him.

Soros is a cancer on this country. Anyone he associates with is to be suspected - with McCain's POW history could we be looking at the real Manchurian Candidate?

If John McCain is nominated and if he explains his dealing with Soros satisfactorily I will hold my nose and vote for him. Those are big IFs.

I only wish Tim Pawlenty had announced his own exploratory committee, he is some one I can vote for without a clothespin.