Sunday, January 07, 2007


Science and Religion (or faith in God) have been at odds since Galileo first put his eye up to his marvelous invention the telescope. I doubt that before I die sometime here in the twenty-first century that the debate will have been settled satisfactorily. Was it not Immanuel Kant that suggested it was not possible to construct conclusive logical proofs for the existence of God? Kant believed that if God did exist, then God is believed to be outside the physical (or sensory) realm. Since we all experience life within the sensory realm differently we will never come to agreement on the subject.

For Kant religion and faith had to be rational, in tune with the way humanity within the physical world works - for example, when Jesus taught us to 'Treat others as you want them to treat you' (Matthew 7:12), it was not something unique to Jesus. There are actually several examples of this kind of ethical teaching found in various religious traditions both before and after Jesus. That said, then Kant would agree with the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 7:12, not because it comes from Jesus, but because Jesus' teaching about this matter is rational.

Now, one is free to disagree with Mr. Kant and simply declare that faith in God's existence is for the weak minded (like the mental heavyweight Jesse Ventura did) or for the delusional (as biologist/athiest Richard Dawkins does) or simply for the irrational (so writer Sam Harris says). The problem I have is just how cock-sure they all are about these "facts".

When you realize that the human mind is encapsulated in a three pound mass of brain tissue and then try to visualize the enormity this universe it might pay for these men to be a little less sure... Follow along and try to keep things in perspective!

Wow, that's a mind blower! Whatever we humans are or "think" we are we are puny. Hopefully we are not as insignificant as I feel right now.



al fin said...

I didn't realize you had posted this "perspective" post. I had one last week very similar, here.

Great minds and all that.