Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Major Media's Double Standards

Shocking I tell you, shocking.

The major media in this country disgusts me. I'm sorry if I sound like a conspiracy nut, but the double standards displayed by the alphabet news outlets (ABC, CBS, NYT, NBC, CNN, PBS, NPR, LAT, WaPo) has gone beyond the point of absurdity. It is so out of whack that I have a hard time believing anything I see or hear from any news source.

For example: The Democrat congressman from Louisiana, William Jefferson, caught red handed taking bribes - has he gone through the scandalous shellacking that ANY Republican would? No, with the help of the media he not only avoided any shame or embarrassment - he was reelected! How about Harry Reid... Our new Senate Majority leader has had extremely shady land/money dealings in Nevada. Where's the 24/7 scandal on that one?

There's the rather funny incident on CNN - CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer confused America's "number one enemy" Osama bin Laden with Senator Barack Obama. It is a hoot if you ask me, but what if it had been FOX news? Do you think Osama, err I mean Obama would have been so gracious in accepting an apology? Hell no! This would have dragged on for days and every left wing newspaper and Internet commentator would have had a field day pointing out FOX News' "right-wing bias". If it hadn't been for "right-wing" bloggers on the Internet I would have never even heard about it.

And what ever happened to Valarie Plame, the "outed CIA operative"? For well over a year the media barked on and on about the Vice President and Karl Rove accusing them of criminally exposing this deep cover spy. Indictments and jail time was awaiting Mr. Rove while the leftists in the news and on the Internet were speculating what old Karl would look like in an orange jumpsuit as he was carted off to the federal slammer. Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman made this story a nightly feature on their ridiculous shows respectively. So, when the truth came out that it was Richard Armitage who had actually been the leaker did Chris or Keith apologize - or at least report that the Vice President and Karl Rove had not been the leakers? No, not a word. Did they go after Richard Armitage? No, hardly a word was ever spoken about the story again. Why? Because Amitage, who was Colin Powell's deputy Secretary of State, was a vocal critic of President Bush.

Now, because of FOX News, The New York Sun and "right-wing" bloggers on the Internet we are learning the extent of Sandy Berger's crimes against this country and our national security and still we are not deluged with a righteous scandal within the major media infrastructure. If you recall Mr. Berger (Bill Clinton's National Security Adviser) was caught red handed stealing and then destroying documents from the National Archives leading up to his testimony before the 9/11 Commission. The original story got some play in the news, but none of the breathless, righteous indignation it would have had he been a member of the Bush administration. Now we are learning that it was much more sinister than originally reported and real damage may have been done to the national security of this country. Again, we ask why? Simple, he was a member of King Clinton's cadre. Chris Matthews, who kneels before the altar of King Clinton, never talks about this or any other so-called scandal that involves Democrats or liberals with the same vigor and disgust he reserves for any center-right public figure.

It isn't even that the media doesn't report on these stories initially, they usually do. It's that they don't don the war paint and beat the drums for days and weeks. I doubt that even one of the Sunday morning political shows will ever touch this story again... Unless of course Berger is discovered to be a Republican plant set up to embarrass King Clinton. Now that would be a scandal worthy of the major media's attention!