Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sometimes The Cure is Worse Than the Disease

The Global Warming crowd is going into overdrive right about now. They know that bloom is soon to fall off the rose. They sense that their window to infect as many gullible people with the "fever" is going to close. There is a push to get legislation passed, corporations shamed, and politicians of all stripes on the bandwagon. However, the very things that are going to save the world are going to kill the movement.

Take the push to ban regular incandescent light bulbs. The compact fluorescent bulbs that are the so called answer to reducing your carbon footprint contain significant amount of dangerous mercury and will require a Superfund designation should you accidentally drop one on your floor. These things should not be tossed out cavalierly lest we pollute the ground water near the landfill. The other consideration is that the U.S. does not manufacture these bulbs - they are made only in China. What a nice jobs program for China. They also cost considerably more and the claim of a longer life is not guaranteed since I know several people who have reported that they have had them simply quit working without warning.

The current love affair with ethanol by corn growers and politicians alike is threatening to raise food prices and potentially lead to more human suffering in poor countries when food becomes scarce and/or too expensive. This is not something that can be brushed away easily or morally. Is it right to turn food into fuel for our cars while poor people go hungry? Already the cost of meat and dairy is rising right here in the U.S. where we have an excess of affluence. Do farmers really care what there corn is used for after they sell it? Not likely, nor should they. But the politicians who are creating sweetheart subsidies for ethanol better think about it...

Along with the serious there is the goofy: take Sheryl Crow, please! Her idiocy is hardly worth mentioning except to point out the utter foolishness and hypocrisy of the celebrity class. She travels around with and entourage of semi tractor trailers and giant SUV's to perform her 1000 megawatt rock concerts and has the nerve to ask us little people to use just one sheet of toilet paper per visit to the bathroom - I can't even blow my nose with one sheet and my ass is a whole lot bigger than my nose.

BS, err, I mean Barbara Streisand once asked us to hang our clothes on the line to dry to save on gas and electricity while she flies around the country on a private jet spewing copious amounts of CARBON into the air that my children breathe! Hypocrite.

I think we all need to do what we can to conserve, as the Vice President said: conservation is a personal virtue. We should not wantonly waste energy or anything for that matter. We also should not apologize for the life we have created for ourselves in this great country.

Slowly the truth about the motives of the "Climate Change" weenies is coming to light as the science is increasing clear that said climate change is perfectly natural. Capitalism is the target - therefore the United States - but world government is the goal. The United States stands in the way and they know it. The thing that makes the United States so mighty is the ability to turn energy use into wealth and prosperity. Global Warming is aimed directly at energy use. I seriously doubt that if by magic tomorrow we discovered a pollution free and endless supply of energy that the assault on the American way of life would cease.



Matt Waco said...

did you really take that quote seriously?

i'll tell you a secret: the TP thing was a fucking joke!

If you believe Santa Claus lives in
Greenland, in Northern Finland or Northern Sweden - Santa Claus has his office at North Cape! LOL

StaticNoise said...

It was a funny one too...

The point is that the celebrity class is full of "Do as I say, not as I do" hypocrites. You can't deny that. It take a huge amount of energy use to pull off a rock concert or film a movie.

As for Crow you need to take the totality of her public pronouncements not just the TP thing... Although she got a lot of publicity - all press is good press.