Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sunny Skies Cannot Elude U.S.

Thank Heaven for Victor Davis Hanson. Not only is he a scholar and an uber historian he is a first rate "clarifier". Now there's a title you almost never see bestowed on anything except a bottle of shampoo. Hanson writes about history as well as the here and now with a clarity we now take for granted. And so today it is asked - "Mr. Hanson, is the the Sky falling on America?"

Simply put when it comes to the inevitable and forthcoming decline of the United States (the new Rome) you and I are being led down the deadwood path by our collective noses. Take a minute to read this recent article by VDH and ease your mind.

America is being tested. We have been tested before.

Underestimated by Hitler and the Emperor of Japan a young but brave America emerged victorious and assumed the leadership of the free world. Even after the Vietnam War and the "malaise" of the Carter years America persevered. We stared down the "mighty" Soviet Empire and did not blink. We now face a world that has learned (with the help of the media) to use the United States as the global scapegoat. Theocrats, thugs, dictators and spineless elected elitists can hide their own incompetence and immorality behind a veil of righteous anti-Americanism. This while millions of people from these same countries plow threw our borders and our laws to get here.

We have work to do, yes, but we always will. We get better even as we are told we are getting worse. Chin up America. It gets harder and harder to take the crap we see on CNN and the nightly news, but we all know that good news does not sell and the editorial mantra "if it bleeds, it leads" has never been more true.