Saturday, February 23, 2008

Adiós América, Buenos Dias La Raza

I think it goes without saying that illegal immigration is equally as dangerous - perhaps more dangerous - to the continuation of the United States of America as radical Islamism. Both issues factor greatly in the upcoming presidential sweepstakes. Clearly on the issue of fighting the war against the Ayatollahs John McCain would be my choice hands downs. However, when it comes to illegal immigration neither McCain nor the Democrats warm the cockles of my heart.

We as a nation, as a culture, have to come to grips with this problem or we will cease to be a nation within 50 years. Look at the this graph and try to fathom the implications:

What we have here is a population growth curve that can't be sustained.

If you want to really understand the future if we don't do something soon then click over to particularly to the article The Balkanization of America. It is enough to throw you hands up in surrender - but please don't.

The article puts into focus what has gone wrong.

For the most part, legal immigrants come to the United States because they want to become Americans. Historically, immigrants integrated fairly quickly into American society, adopting our language and culture. However, this is not what is happening now.

As noted by ex-Colorado Governor Dick Lamn in an August 8, 2002 article, One Nation, One Tongue, published in the Rocky Mountain News (link gone but a version is archived here):

"The Southwest, and to a lesser extent, the whole nation, is in danger of backing into becoming a bilingual nation without debate or forethought. This seems to me to be a grave mistake. I look around the world in vain for an example of where bilingual nations live in peace with themselves.

This absolutely what is going on as I write this from my hotel room in San Diego. The state of California may be a lost cause in fighting ESL battles, but the rest of the nation must stand firm and start demanding English as the official language of the land.

For further reading visit these websites and try to keep your chin up. Perhaps McCain would be marginally better than Hillary and Barrack on this issue, certainly the judges he would choose for the federal courts would be more helpful than any chosen by the other two.