Sunday, February 24, 2008

Winter Escapism

dateline San Diego

It sucks to be home. It's cold. While it is also winter in San Diego it was on average 70 degrees warmer there than it was in the upper midwest. As we found out this is the off season in San Diego and good deals, small crowds and easy commuting was there for the taking.

The people of San Diego were exceedingly nice. Everyone was gracious and genuinely glad to serve. We spent a majority of our time in the Pacific Beach neighborhood. We were fortunate enough to see a pod of (wild) dolphins including several babies from the fishing peer, very cool indeed. We also visited Sea World, the world famous San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park. There is much beauty to see - and a lot of gorgeous, glorious green landscape. (Here in Minnesota it is white, brown and gray.)

I submit a sampling of the hundreds of photos we took (aren't digital cameras great!)

Sea World's Shamu!

San Diego Zoo Icon

Downtown San Diego - the old and the new

Pretty duck

Pacific Beach Sunset

Pacific Beach Fun! My son and daughter...

Pacific Beach boardwalk

Meekats at sunset

Pacific Beach beauty

Authentic Mexican food, authentic Mexican music, authentic American money

Sea World Icons

Balboa Park

Pacific Beach surfer dude...



Anonymous said...

Authentic American money??? Soon to be seen only in a museum near you...