Thursday, February 21, 2008

The New Ice Age?

A story that has been getting some traction in certain areas of the media (though certainly not ABC,CBS,NBC,NYT,WaPo,CNN,MSNBC,PBS etc etc) is the embryonic solar cycle 24. SC 24 has stalled and it is beginning to concern some solar scientists. According to the sun has been blank for 16 days in a row. The Sun's activity is as low as anyone has ever seen it.

Not so paradoxically the winter of 2007/08 has been very, very cold all over the world. The southern hemispheric winter was one the coldest in memory from Australia to South America. The question of Global Warming is becoming a question of an new Ice Age in some scientific circles.

Alan Caruba of has a nice synopsis of this phenomenon in his piece called Calm Sun, Cold Earth. He gets to the heart of the matter here:

Up to now, the mainstream media has ignored the cold reality of the Earth’s known cooling cycles. They have been in complete thrall to the howling of Al Gore with his endless lies about an imminent warming. Given the accolade of a Nobel Prize and even a Hollywood Oscar, why should people unschooled in science believe otherwise?

The United Nations International Panel on Climate Change whose reports have been based, not on hard science such as observations of solar activity, but on flawed, often deliberately false computer models, has been the driving factor behind the global warming hoax. What better way to assert political and economic control over the Earth than to create a global crisis? To their credit, many participants in the IPCC have protested these reports. Large numbers of scientists have sold their soul to the global warming lies in order to receive millions in research grants, but increasingly other scientists have been coming forth to tell the truth.

On March 2-4, several hundred will convene in New York for the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change to offer papers and serve on panels disputing and debunking the global warming hoax.
Beyond the climatic threat of a cooling planet is the one posed by U.S. politicians and their counterparts in Europe who are seeking to impose all manner of regulation and limits on energy use based on the false assertion that greenhouse gas emissions are causing global warming.

The Global Warming lobby has so instilled their dogma into the popular culture that they have people believing that even the extreme cold and snow is caused by man-made global climate change. Funny, even the least scientifically educated among us (and they are legion) are beginning to understand that the global warming hysteria mongers have over played their hand.

If we are entering a new (hopefully mini) ice age then the effects on humanity will dwarf the scare mongering the CAGW crowd has been frightening us with. Let's just hope they are all wrong.



Al Fin said...

A PDF document by David Archibald has some interesting graphics and information on the topic of solar cycles 24 (trying to start now) and cycle 25, supposed to be an extremely weak cycle.

The sun is clearly the driver of climate. We don't understand how it all fits together yet, but we would be smarter to keep collecting data until we do--rather than going off half cocked like Al Gore wants us to do.

StaticNoise said...

I am afraid that even if McCain gets in as US President the "half-cocked" scenario will be a reality. Once "carbon dioxide as a pollutant" is firmly in place it will be hard to remove - sort of like government control of the schools.

Al Fin said...

But that is why the PDF document I linked above is so important: It provides what people need--a reason to be truly alarmed.

Global warming true believers only need a good scare, they don't care what the scare is particularly. Perhaps we can only fight a scare with another scare.

Archibald's paper provides a scary story much more frightening than any halfway realistic warming scenario. If you want to read something really scary, and haven't read the Archibald paper, you need to do so.

StaticNoise said...

Al - wow. It was a great paper. I was moved to write Mr. Archibald. Text follows - and thanks for the gentle prodding...

Dear Mr. Archibald,
I just read your paper Solar Cycle 24: Implications for the United States, and I must say it was chilling (pun intended). I used to be a satellite dish (the big ones) installer/technician in a former life and we used to joke about sun spots being the handy excuse every time one of our customers had problems. It was "always" the peak of the solar cycle.

Well Solar Cycle 24 is no laughing matter - and if 25 follows the trend that is setting up it could get very bad.

Looking at the numerous graphs it seemed to me that during the warm periods over the past several thousand years that human reach and achievement accelerated. During the cold periods terrible plagues, wars and stagnation befell our ancestors.

The questions becomes why the hysterical GW fear mongers can't, won't acknowledge ANY of the positive aspects of a warmer world??? Why they refuse to entertain the FACTS you and so many others have brought forth about the Sun's role in climate change??? Actually the answer is easy - I believe they don't want humanity to extend our reach and power and truly believe humans are a cancer on this earth. What else would explain the reclassication of Carbon Dioxide from an essential, life sustaining element into a pollutant??? Simply put our civilization depends on spewing Carbon Dioxide...

Thanks for a great read. I will share it with my family and friends if don't mind.

Best Regards,
Craig Willms
St Paul MN