Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chuckie The Horrible

Few politicians or public officials turn my stomach like Chuck Schumer does. (Just look at those beady eyes) The New York (D) Senator is a regular on the the Sunday talk show circuit and never fails to make my skin crawl when I hear his partisan spiel on every subject under the sun.

He is an evil little man who does damage to this country for partisan reasons that have nothing to do with making life better for anyone.

You may or may not have heard of IndyMac. It WAS a bank in California that has now been taken over by federal regulators and its assets have been sold off. Why? How? Well, it was a bank in some trouble, but it was working it out and stood a decent chance of getting the ship upright again. It seems that Schumer was "concerned" having viewed the situation from his perch as a member of the Senate Finance Committee. His initial contact with federal regulators assured him that the Feds were already working with the bank. For reasons I assume were nefarious, Schumer, in late June, sent a letter to regulators expressing his concerns over Indymac Bank's liquidity and ability to stay afloat. Schumer then published the letter to the public through a Pasadena newspaper. This blatant tampering with the public trust caused a run on the bank insuring a liquidity crisis and the complete failure of the bank.

I am not defending IndyMac, they may have eventually failed, but Schumer guaranteed it and he knew what he was doing. It is not the job of our elected officials to hasten the demise of a private business using the power of his status and his office. His actions were reprehensible.

So, in the latest Schumer move to hurt this country for purely partisan reasons, Chuckie and his good friend Sen. John Kerry essentially handed over the contracts for access to the oil wealth of Iraq to the Chinese.

After the U.S. relieved Iraq of a tyrant and beat back al Qaeda with the blood of 4,000 soldiers Schumer and Kerry stood in the way of the American oil industry from getting temporary contracts to bring Iraqi oil to market. These were no-bid temporary contracts being offered by the Iraqi government to get the oil industry back up and into profitable operation. But Schumer and Kerry among others urged and cajoled the Iraqi government into waiting until the revenue sharing agreements were in place. They did everything in their power to prevent American oil companies from getting these contracts. A victory for American oil companies would have been a victory for Bush. Schumer and Kerry would have none of that.

What eventually happened is that after the revenue sharing laws passed the Chinese under bid everyone and now have the contracts for access to Iraqi's oil wealth. Thanks Chuckie, you frigging ass!

If this is what amounts to Democratic leadership then we are in huge trouble as a nation. It is already clear that Republican leadership is incompetent. The Democrats lust for power has nothing to do with making America a greater nation, in fact it seems that it's exactly the opposite.