Saturday, September 06, 2008

Game On

My friends, my fellow Americans, ladies and gentleman, red staters and blue staters, the stage is set for a pretty historic election. The first black (half black anyway) candidate versus a senior citizen war hero. Also, the first time in a long time their is neither a Bush nor a Clinton on the ticket. In fact the first time in a very long time their is neither an incumbent nor his vice president heir apparent on the ticket. Historic indeed.

I watched just a little of the RNC convention - after all it was in my home town. I watched even less of the DNC convention. The DNC acted like we are in the 8th year of the Great, Great Depression. It was just so depressing to watch. Not even the Messiah himself inspired me with litany after litany of how awful everything is. On the the other side it was attack, attack, attack. Not much to hang your hat on. Honestly John McCain got it about right when he told the nation that the Republicans went to Washington to change it but were instead changed by it. The Republicans wasted any good faith the people entrusted in them in 1994 and a again in 2000. The Democratic congress now in power is living up to expectations I may have had for them - which was nothing.

The next major events will be the debates. The great thing about the debates is the uncivil rhetoric is absent and we can get a sense of the person in an unscripted setting. I know McCain is comfortable in this setting, Biden will have to keep his answers from running on and spilling over but he should be OK too - the other 2 will show us their true colors. It should be good.

Now, you do realize that the 2012 campaign will fire up six seconds after the loser concedes. What fun it will be!