Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Properly Vetted, My A$$

This is truly the pot calling the kettle black. The mainstream media has pulled out all the stops, stooping to any level to get the "dirt" on Sarah Palin. After having had 20 months to properly vet Barack Obama and doing everything they can to ignore gaping credibility holes in this mans past.

For that matter they have also given McCain a free pass. McCain has skeletons in the closet - can anyone say Keating 5. Some say that the embarrassment of the Keating 5 experience transformed McCain into a corruption fighter. OK. But more likely he's learned to be discreet and fly below the radar.

But for goodness sake, Barack Obama has Tony Rezko and William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. One is a convicted criminal and the other two avowed domestic terrorists and haters of America. He can claim to be a casual acquaintance of Ayers, but it just doesn't add up when you learn it was Ayers who literally launched Obama into politics.

Obama was also at one time heavily associated with A.C.O.R.N. which is well known for its illegal voter turnout activities amongst other shady dealings. His childhood mentors were known communists. Saul Alinsky was a hero to this man! Obama's 20 year relationship with a Black Liberation Theology Church and its outspoken pastor only became a "media" story because said pastor was a bombastic ego-head who was eager to capitalize on Barack's new found fame. For Obama to claim he never heard such inflammatory "talk" when he was in the pews is really disingenuous yet the media didn't call him out on that aspect of the story. Be that as it may, his associations with terrorists and communists have gone severely under reported.

Bring on Sarah Palin. The media has crawled down into the mud to dig up ANYTHING that might remotely bring embarrassment on Gov. Palin. Now, granted, this is big time politics - it doesn't get much bigger - and Mrs. Palin cannot cry about the treatment she is receiving. I have not heard her being accused of crying foul - but the army of Democratic operatives (read: the media) flying to Alaska is truly unprecedented.

Funny thing, I have yet to hear anyone from her "small town" trash her. In fact, she seems by all accounts to be extremely popular back home and actually quite an effective leader as well.

From outrageous accusations that her son, Trig is actually her grandson to a front page Washington Post article that said she abused per diem spending as the governor, the daily barrage is unrelenting. So far none of it has amounted to anything. She is being accused of being a neglectful mother for daring to have a career and a family. No man running for high office has ever been subject to criticism for choosing a career over family. This is absolutely a double standard. She is accused of attending her church and then talking about God. Oh my, I mean, how could she?

Most of the stories that made it into the "responsible" media could have been checked out in minutes but weren't - or even if they were the original claim was thrown against the wall anyway. For instance Mrs. Palin did not support Patrick Buchanan in 2000, she supported Steve Forbes, a well known fiscal conservative. She was never a member of any separatist political party in Alaska - she has been a registered Republican since the 80's. She has not called for Creationism to be taught in schools in any official capacity, she merely said that debate is healthy and that a discussion about Creationism and Evolution is a good thing. Yet these points are being used to paint her as a right-wing extremist. And her worst sin of all - she has said hypothetically she would not support her own daughters decision to abort a baby even in the event rape or incest. But she did not make a move on Roe v Wade in Alaska despite her personal antipathy toward abortion.

Every similar attack on Obama from the FAR-RIGHT is met with derision from the media's punditry. Several best sellers (New York Times Bestsellers) critical of Barack Obama are not getting reviewed or the authors are not invited to be interviewed in the major media. But any book critical of Bush is reviewed and analyzed endlessly. Just wait for the first book on Palin - soon to be hot off the presses, I'm sure - and you won't be able to avoid the author.

Sarah Palin so far has shown she is not a cry baby. I hope she just knocks the socks off them in all her upcoming interviews, speeches and debates.

I will wait patiently for all the hard journalism on Barack Obama... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.