Monday, October 06, 2008

Bumper Stickers???

By this time in the election cycle four years ago I marveled at the bumper stickers I would see on my way into the office everyday. Some were really creative and others quite nasty. We have all seen the car like the one pictured here with stickers plastered all over it. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred the slogans are decidedly left-wing loony type stuff. No real surprise since the whole left-wing agenda is nothing but slogans and bumper stickers (and they call these guys the nuanced crowd).

Over the ensuing four years all but a few Bush/Cheney stickers are gone, but we still see a fair share of Kerry/Edwards. We even see a lot of Wellstone stickers here in Minneapolis/St Paul, as if he is still running 6 years after his tragic death... These, I grant, are memorials for the true believers and we cut them plenty of slack. But, I am amazed at the dearth of political bumper stickers this time around.

Clearly the Obama stickers adorn more cars than McCain stickers, but there are mornings I drive in and see none. I find this amazing and odd. The same can be said for lawn signs too. The ratio is about the same, but there are so very few even in my liberal leaning inner city neighborhood.

Not that I mind all that much... It just seems odd, that's all.