Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Greatest Desire: To Be Proven Wrong

If Obama becomes my President, then I wish him well...

Whether McCain or Obama wins I want either them to be good for America. I wanted George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to be good for America too - though in the end neither of them were.

Coming from the center/right side of the political spectrum I have very low expectations for a President Obama. I doubt he will do much of anything that will make me happy. Yet I hope he proves me wrong. I hope everything I believe is wrong IF it is proven that his way makes this country better and richer and the more successful than any other nation on Earth. I hope the same for McCain too.

It should be pointed out that Congress has more real impact on our lives than the chief executive on matters outside the military. As much hope I might have in Obama my fear of an unstoppable Reid and Pelosi cancels it out. The best we can hope is that the Republicans can be a formidable opposition party since it has become clear they are a disaster as a governing party.

Lastly, I really, really, hope that if Barack Obama wins he lives long and prospers. My biggest fear is that Joe Biden is forced to take over and my fellow Americans that would be a disaster. Honestly Sarah Palin is a giant next to that man. She may not be ready - yet - to be our President but we should hope we never have to find out about Biden.