Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Laying the Ground Work

Reuters Headline: 10/15/08

Obama supporters fear race may bring candidate down

This type of article will become common over the next few weeks. The article basically says if Obama does not win it is because America is a racist country. Honestly I am already tired of being told what a bunch intolerant bigots we all are as we live in the most diverse nation the world has ever seen.


Could it be that some people ( like me) don't believe in socialism? Or that some people don't believe a first term Senator with nothing to show for a legislative accomplishment is ready to be President? As Geraldine Ferraro so correctly noted, no white candidate with his inexperience and past associations would even have gotten this far.

Consider also, as to why it wasn't racism when Ken Blackwell and Michael Steele lost... Oh yeah they were Republicans. Never mind. How silly of me. But wait - it couldn't be his long history of radicalism, anti-Americanism, socialism, Marxism, etc., etc. No, no that's impossible. American's are clamoring for CHANGE!

Well so be it, whatever I say is tainted anyway. Being born a white male, and choosing to be center/right has made me an extreem racist in the mind of the media any way.

None of this would even be an issue if Republicans (including John McCain) hadn't screwed the pooch for these last 6 or 7 years. The fools, the cowards and the self interested have no one to blame but themselves. Why wouldn't people want change? This doesn't mean I want to turn America over to socialists and Marxists - which is why I would never vote for someone like Obama be they white or black - but I want a government that is not strictly about special interests but rather a government that is all about the general interest.



TJ Willms said...

Wait a minute I thought we were a hopelessly misogynistic nation because Hillary wasn't picked. Now which is it are we Racist bastards or or Backward Misogynists? Inquiring minds want to know.