Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can We Possibly be This Blind?

I love conspiracy theories. I think they're fun. Fun and almost always fictitious. Conspiracies need secrets to be kept in order to work. I don't believe people can keep secrets. The JFK assassination and 9/11 were exactly what they seemed - the work of a lone gunman and the efforts of 19 Islamic fanatics. There is no possible way entire government agencies were involved with either.

All that being said, we come to a point in history where the nation responsible for battling and defeating The Soviet Union in the Cold War has elected a communist trained socialist as its "Supreme Leader". That may be kinda harsh - but I believe it's largely true. It's interesting that just 2 months into his presidency the dissatisfaction among Obama's cheerleading squad has already reached the pages of The New York Times. They are possibly mad that he isn't "progressive" enough. While the right-wingers are apoplectic over the swiftness of his far reaching government glad handing of the economy the lefties are disappointed that he hasn't gone even farther.

President Obama seems to miss the machinations of campaigning... Seriously, someone should tell him it's over and he won.

To be fair its been 2 months - no one is going to turn the economy around in 2 months. But what if he has no intention of turning the economy around? What if his goal is not the goal of the people that elected him but rather the goals of a cabal of 60's radicals that have been methodically laying the ground work for 40 years? (PLEASE READ THIS LINKED ARTICLE)

How fortunate that George W. Bush came along when he did. 9/11 looked like a disaster for the cause but then Bush made it so easy for them. "Dead or Alive" - "Bring it On" - "Mission Accomplished" - "Weapons of Mass Destruction" - "Strategery" - "I'm the decider". Face it, Bush and the fools running the Republican Party made it so easy for the media to turn the GOP into an enemy so terrible the public forgot all about Osama bin Laden.

So along comes the Messiah... The major media, having destroyed the Republicans with the help of the Republicans, had the perfect package to spoon feed the electorate. Once elected his only job was to finish what was started 40 years ago - namely to destroy American capitalism. So, how's he doing so far?

Remember I said conspiracies need secrets in order to work. Aha... Not this time. The truth of this vast conspiracy has been there all along. Yes, utopia sounds so nice, but realistic people always knew it was a fantasy, until now.

Rejoice - the socialist paradise is coming! The good and great things the capitalism has blessed us with was an aberration, smoke and mirrors. Only the State can make us truly happy.