Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is The Bloom Off the Rose?

Now he went and done it...

One thing the President can't claim is that he hasn't had enough face time in front of the American people. Week after week of leading every newscast, cover after cover on Time and Newsweek as well as the National Enquirer is pretty good for any celebrity. Why, he even had a guest appearance on Jay Leno's Tonight Show.

News is out today that he is going to preempt Tuesday night's American Idol program with a prime time press conference. He certainly has balls, doesn't he? Does he really think the state of the global economy is more important than American Idol??? He's more of a fool than I thought.

For Democrats and Obama lovers is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Some of the comments on various websites are just precious...


“Stop, please stop, Mr O, we can’t take much more,” one angry viewer wrote on an Idol-related website. “Not again!” complained another. “It’s the same speech he’s been giving for the past year.”

Perhaps what is needed is a 24 hr/day Obama only channel. "Obama all day, everyday". Gosh, that would be swell.

I can not get enough of Barack Obama's nostrils. It sends a chill up my leg every time I view his upturned face.

The fact that American Idol is a Fox Corporation show probably has nothing to do with it - but knowing Obama's "petty" streak anything that might hurt Fox News even indirectly - well, you be the judge. All in all the President seems intent on aiming the media gun at his own foot. Yes, the honeymoon is over as the bloom falls from the rose.

It's fair to say the White House misread the public outrage at AIG hot-shots rewarded for running their company into the ground; interestingly there have been signs of discontent from a slew of disillusioned "hope and change" Obama supporters complaining about everything from his lack of support for gays to his plans for a new military “surge” in Afghanistan.

Probably not much to really to worry about for Super O in the long run. Those who voted for him have a lot of emotion invested in the merchant of change even as they find that his policies stand in direct conflict with there own financial health. However, when they learn that he wants to mess with their home mortgage interest deduction while raising there income taxes and removing the cap on their FICA contribution - not to mention confiscating the capital gains they realize selling their devalued home - they might not like the change they hoped for.